Cuban Coffee

Miami is a great coffee town.  And like other great coffee towns, drinking coffee has become ingrained in the very soul of the city.  In Miami, the coffee, like the culture, is Cuban.  It’s possible get a traditional American coffee, but if you want to really experience Miami, you need to get your Cuban coffee right. This post will tell you all you need to know about ordering coffee in Miami, but first we need to talk about where to get it.  In Miami, you can get it just about anywhere, in restaurants, in homes and offices, and even banks (yes, it is not uncommon to have someone bring you a cafecito while waiting in line).  One of the best places to grab a coffee though is at a ventanita.  These little windows are all over town.  Some might be a part of a larger restaurant, but many stand alone. …

Little Havana

No trip to Miami is complete without a drive down the famed Calle Ocho to Little Havana. Here you can live contentedly on a bounty of Cuban food, coffee, and cigars while salsa music streams from the open-air bars. Take a cultural or culinary tour or venture alone and explore the area’s vibrant treasures on your own time. If you are up for a little more excitement, come on the last Friday of the month for Viernes Cultural (“Cultural Fridays”) for free outdoor concerts, art exhibits, and tastings from some of the local restaurants.